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Share Account

Establish your credit union membership by opening a share account with a minimum deposit of $30. Once a member you are eligible to use all of our quality services.

Separate Share Savings

The Best in Budgeting tools. A savings account with the same terms as the regular savings account but separate to plan and budget for big purchases, annual premiums, taxes or just a Rainy Day.

Money Market Account

A tiered dividend means the more you save the more you earn. This account features a minimum balance of $2,500. You can withdraw up to 6 times in a month.

Term Share Certificates

Invest with confidence where safety is insured. Choose from a variety of terms which offer competitive annual percentage yields (APYs). Open a term share certificates with a minimum deposit of $500.

Individual Retirement Account

Take an active role in planning for your retirement years. Open your IRA with a minimum deposit of $5 and add to your account on a regular basis or with a single contribution each year.

Christmas Club

Make Christmas a special time with the help of our Christmas Club. It's a painless way to save for gifts, year end expenses and holiday fun. Dividends are paid annually on the last day of Sepetember and your balance is transfered to your savings account!

Looking for a way to watch your savings climb?

As a way to better serve you, Carolina Foothills now offers a Rate Climber Certificate that allows you the security of a term-share certificate but with flexibility. Here's how it works.

Open a Rate Climber Certificate with as little as $5,000 for a term of 19 months. Your dividend rate will lock in on the day you open your Rate Climber. When certificate rates begin to climb, you'll have the option to increase your rate once during the 19-month term. From the date you select your climb, your certificate will begin earning the new rate until its maturity. Even better, rollovers are permitted on your Rate Climber Certificate. If you renew the certificate at its maturity, it will roll into another Rate Climber Certificate and you'll have the same great option to increase your rate once during the new term. That way, you can continue watching your savings climb!

If you've been looking for a safe way earn more on your money, our Rate Climber Certificate gives you the safety you want and the earnings you need. Stop by or call one of our representatives to open your certificate today. Watch Your Savings Climb.

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